November 8, 2015

Health Diary Week Four

Day 22 (11/2/15)
Movement: Arms and abs
Food: Satisfied!
G tea: Yes
Meditation: Yes
Notes: Way to start this week off right, me! My goal is to have at least five satisfied days this week!

Day 23
Movement: Walk and hill HIIT
Food: Satisfied!
G tea: Yes
Meditation: Yes
Notes: Happy with my food choices and happy I got in a little workout when I was planning on having a day off.

Day 24
Movement: Long walk in the park
Food: Satisfied!
G tea: Yes
Meditation: Yes
Notes: A good day although I think I ate some bad mushrooms. :(

Day 25
Food: Satisfied*
G tea: Yes
Meditation: Yes
Notes: *Still recovering from my bad mushroom episodes so I only ate a bit of bland food today.

Day 26
Movement: Random arms
Food: Not satisfied
G tea: Yes
Notes: Day off of course. I couldn't stop eating this morning and kept snacking until 1:00. Dinner was candy and movie theater popcorn while watching Mission Impossible on the big screen. Better luck tomorrow.

Day 27
Movement: Hill HIIT and a few leg pilates
Food: Satisfied
G tea: No :(
Meditation: Yes
Notes: I made sesame chicken for dinner and ate a good sized portion but did not overly stuff myself. I should have had some kind of salad or fruit but I forgot, but I did reach my goal of having five satisfied days!

Day 28
Movement: 60 minutes of yoga
Food: NOPE!
G tea: Yes
Meditation: No
Notes: I got home from work very PMSy and famished so I ate a TON forgetting I had to take progress pictures! It's ok though because it's life and I'm proud I actually took the pictures. I might slip up but I am freaking dedicated to this! 

The past month of my gentle weight loss plan has been quite pleasant. I haven't changed my routine much besides writing down how I feel about my food choices at the end of the day and yet I feel like I've made some progress with becoming healthier. I'm definitely more aware of the things I'm eating and although I haven't been satisfied with my food choices every single day I haven't had very many crazy mindless binge days and it makes me feel more clear headed and in tune with my body. Even when I do indulge and have an uncomfortably full day I don't let myself get down, I really focus on how I feel and it reminds me if I don't want to feel sluggish and bloated I should make better choices tomorrow. I could continue this plan for another month but I really want to make a few small changes because I feel like I'm ready to challenge myself a little more. The next phase of my gentle weight loss plan (and my current stats) will be posted next! 

Zuzu is very impressed. 

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