December 11, 2015

Health Diary Week Seven

Week Seven!
Monday (11/23/15)
Movement: Rest day
Fruit: 3 (Banana and pomegranate)
Veggies: 2 (Lots of mushrooms)
Meditation: No
Notes: Ate more than usual but it is still vacation and I'm not beating myself up.

Movement: Yoga and hill HIIT
Fruit: 0!
Veggies: 2 (Green pepper and onion)
Meditation: No
Notes: Not the most healthy but I'm happy I worked out!
Movement: BBG Legs
Fruit: 0
Veggies: 1 (spinach)
Meditation: No
Notes: Last day of vacation and though I have been indulging recently and have eaten too much candy for the past six days I don't feel terrible because I didn't over eat today so it is a win!

Thursday (Thanksgiving!)
Movement: Rest day though I did do six sets of stairs at work.
Fruit: 3 (Banana, Apple, fruit salad)
Veggies: (Salad)
Meditation: Only 5 minutes
Notes: Even though I didn't over eat yesterday I still feel like I have a food hangover. Or maybe it's a vacation hangover. Either way I tried not to over-do it at the lovely Thanksgiving dinner Brian's parents prepared for us but still enjoyed a small peice of pie with lots of whipped cream!

Movement: Rest day again which I regret but I got home late and we had two hours of Survivor saved to watch! Sigh.
Fruit: 1 (Apple)
Veggies: 4 woohoo! (Squash, Green beans, Mushrooms, Lettuce)
Meditation: No
Notes: Disappointed with the day but I didn't over eat so it's ok.
Saturday (Happy birthday to me!)
Movement: Short walk.
Fruit: 1 (Apple)
Veggies: (Squash, mushrooms, lettuce)
Meditation: No
Notes: Had a couple of goodies at work because my lovely coworkers brought in some treats for my birthday.

Movement: Hill HIIT and extra legs
Fruit: 2 (Pomegranate)
Veggies: 1 (Squash)
Meditation: Yes
Notes: Diet was pretty good and I feel so much better after working out. It's such a mood booster!
Well I can pretty much guarentee you I did not lose any weight this week, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if I gained a pound or two. I'm not too concerned with the eating portion as it was Thanksgiving, our anniversary and my birthday but I have slacked on the workouts and meditation and it's definitely effecting how I feel both physically and mentally. The goal is to get back on track with everything and feel good by the end of the week.

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