November 13, 2015

Love Bit #4 Big Magic!


Big Magic is the latest book by Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my favorite authors. I was able to borrow the audiobook through the library and I loved it so much I listened to it twice and I am probably going to end up buying a copy of the book so I can highlight and underline and reread over and over. Big Magic is all about nurturing your creativity and letting go of any fears of being vulnerable or failing or trying to be perfect or anything that keeps you from living a creative life. It inspires me to work on this blog and get back into painting and start new projects around the house. Sometimes I feel so intimidated by a task because I have such grand aspirations about the final outcome I let the pressure and fear of failure keep me from even attempting the thing. Big Magic helps me to see that I don't need to be the greatest writer in the world to enjoy blogging and I don't need to have an eye for art to enjoy painting. I create things for me. It's the process that brings joy to my life, not the end result. I think everyone can benefit from reading this book and exploring their creativity. Being creative brings such joy and sense of fulfillment in a way nothing else does, and I've learned it is just plain fun to play around and make something that didn't exist before me!

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