October 7, 2016

Hawaii Day Twelve *Beach Day and Koiso Sushi*

Tuesday, September 27 2016

Sorry it took me until now to post!

Day twelve was our last full day in Hawaii and though we didn't do very much I still wanted to write in the blog to complete my little vacation series. 

Brian and I thought today would be a perfect day for the beach because, even though we had been in the ocean plenty of times in Maui, we hadn't really spent time just relaxing on the beach. (How tragic.)  We decided to go to Wailea Beach because we thought it would be cool to check out a beach that is one of the top beaches in Hawaii and is also found on a few "best beaches" lists. (See here.) 

Before the beach we had to get some breakfast so we visited Nalu's once again.

Chicken and waffles and breakfast salad

Then we went back to the cottage to pack up our beach essentials including the towels, beach chairs and umbrella, thoughtfully provided by the owners.  It was only a ten minute drive to the Wailea and we arrived at the beach around 9:00.  The beach was uncrowded and we found a great spot to settle in. 

Short walk to the beach

Getting settled


Cool canoe thingy 

We read and listened to podcasts and music and and ate snacks and swam in the ocean and only left when it got too windy and our umbrella kept flying away (v. embarrassing btw).

The rest of our day was spent picking up a few gifts we wanted to buy (The Shops at Wailea is such a nice mall) and waiting patiently for dinner.  

Brian and I had been looking forward to dinner at Koiso Sushi Bar for quite a while.  It would have been nice to have eaten there earlier in the week but when Brian called for reservations (at least three weeks ago back in Grand Rapids) the only opening was for tonight.  Koiso Sushi Bar is in a small strip mall in Kihei and only has seating for fourteen people.  They only have two seatings each night so it's pretty much mandatory to make reservations in advance if you want to eat there (and be sure to answer your phone when they call to confirm your reservation the day before).

When we arrived we got the best seats on the bar to watch Hiro work.

I forgot to snap a photo of our sushi but I did take a sneaky neighbor pic:

Koiso definitely lived up to the hype.  Brian and I got mostly rolls (I loved the 69 roll) but also a few nigiri sushi (the tamago was my favorite) and everything was delicious.  We placed two orders and could have ordered more but I didn't want to risk any stomach issues for our travel home the next day so we left feeling pleasantly satisfied.  

After dinner we shared a gelato from next door and drove back to the cottage for our last night in Hawaii.  

Here's to our next adventure!

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