October 29, 2016

Happiness Diary #40

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (10/15/16)

1) Photo: I found these magnets at Robinettes. We should have bought them since we wouldn't even really have to change the photos. :D
2) Donuts and cider
3) Today was the perfect Saturday. The best parts were going to Robinettes with Brian and having lunch with the Walshes!
4) I am grateful for apples. 


1) Photo: Zuzu enjoying 101 Dalmatians. 
2) Mushroom flatbread from TJ's
3) Worst thing about today: realizing our new LED lights don't fit in the basement light sockets. The best thing: family walk.
4) I am grateful for having a job. Because it's Monday tomorrow!



1) Photo: Buying books at Schuelers 
2) NA
3) Brian and I are making more of an effort to do projects around the house. We will get the office painted yet!
4) I am always happy for new books to read. 


1) Photo: Halloween creations. 
2) NA
3) I brought my LS over today to carve and paint pumpkins! She drew the face to carve and did the abstract pumpkin and I painted the owl with the weird ears.
4) I am happy for an excuse to carve pumpkins. I don't think I've carved one since I lived in Escanaba. Also I love pumpkin seeds. 


1) Photo: About to enjoy a "Rich Girl" juice from Sip!
2) Some of Brian's Goucho salad.
3) Today was a family hike at Burton. I was too tired to work out afterwards so instead I ... painted my nails.
4) I am grateful for fall!

1) Photo: The huge butternut squash I bought from the indoor farmers market stand at work today. 
2) NA
3) My biggest accomplishment was cutting and cooking that monster of a squash.
4) I am grateful for eating healthier these days. 


1) Photo: More eating healthy proof
2) Dried figs
3) Brian and I stocked up at Costco and now we have tons of good stuff in our fridge and pantry.
4) I am grateful for our garage fridge!


P.S. No HD for the week of 10/22 because I've been slacking and getting too far behind and just need to hit the reset! 

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