October 8, 2016

Happiness Diary #38

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (10/1/16)

1) Photo: I bought this for myself while shopping yesterday. I'm so thoughtful. 
2) Marzipan!
3) Today was a major lazy day. I feel like I'm getting sick so I didn't do much besides give Zuzu a bath.
4) I am grateful it's been a pretty easy transition back to eastern time.

1) Photo: My Sunday 
2) Gaucho salad from Bliss & Vinegar
3) I tried to get up at 6:30 today in preparation for work tomorrow and I did, but after an hour I went back to bed and napped until 12. I still went to bed early so it's totally fine. :D
4) I'm grateful for precooked chicken.


1) Photo: I forgot to take a photo today so here are some fail selfies from a plane. There are just not as many things to take pictures of when you aren't on vacation. #firstworldbloggerproblems
2) I made shrimp stir fry for dinner. Yum.
3) Back to work today. What fun.
4) I am grateful today was not as bad as I thought it would be. 


1) Photo: Zuzu and I saw a woodland creature behind the Burton Park Mansion fence today. It looked very confused. 
2) Sockye salmon dinner
3) I had a lovely day at work and then took Zuzu on a 45 minute walk at the park, worked out and made dinner. Yip.
4) I am grateful for cooler weather and excited for fall colors!
1) Photo: My LS and the big bear. 
2) Costco sells Hi-chews!
3) After work today I picked up LS and we were going to take Zuzu to the park but the weather looked stormy so instead she was happy to come with me to run a couple of errands including shopping at Costco (which she Ioves). Afterwards we went back to my place to update our journal and play with Zuzu.
4) I am grateful for groceries!

1) Photo: Brian is changing all of our old recessed lighting to LED lights! 
2) NA
3) ...I've been slacking and now it's Saturday and honestly I can't remember.
4) I am grateful for our "new" china cabinet. Thanks Heidi and John!

 photo IMG_5080_zps1085nlst.gif

1) Photo: Slightly awkward running GIF
2) NA
3) The best thing about today was going on a nice slow jog (with no music!) with Brian. I haven't gone running in a while and I was really sore but I should keep it up because it would be nice to get my running legs back again.
4) While I'm not always 100% happy with myself, I love and am so grateful for everything that makes up my amazing life.

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