November 6, 2016

Happiness Diary #41

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (10/29/16)

1) Photo: Roselle Park run today. The run wasn't the best but the temperature was perfect!
2) Pumpkin spice yogurt covered almonds from NatureBox.
3) Brian left on Friday to go to California for his tennis travel team national championships and so far they are winning all of their matches! It would be fun to be there but I had to work this weekend and also flying is not my favorite and I feel like we just got back from Hawaii. I'm very lucky Brian doesn't make a big deal about me missing a possible once in a lifetime opportunity!
4) I am grateful for a quiet evening. 


1) Photo: Walking in a tank top and gloves. 
2) Pomegranates!!!!
3) I picked up Zuzu from Family Friends and gave her a bath. I probably could have gotten away with not boarding her but it was very nice to not worry about her and also have her tired out tonight.
4) I am grateful I am not allergic to pomegranates. 

 photo IMG_5187_zpsfxgvodt6.gif

1) Photo: The last year of Zuzu the butterfly. The costume is a little too small. 
2) Lotsa Halloween candy!
3) I picked up Brian and his teammate/ teammate's wife (who went to high school in Escanaba and knew my sister Britt!) from the airport this afternoon. Their team didn't win but they did really well in the tournament and hope to go back in the future. Anyway it's great to have Brian home!
4) I like Halloween but handing out candy is not quite as fun as trick-or-treating. The kids were super cute though!



1) Photo from last week: A tiny fraction of the fall d├ęcor at Meijer Gardens. 
2) Blueberry flapjacks for dinner
3) Another sub-par run today, I wonder if it will ever feel easy again? Also had a nice walk with B and Z.
4) I am thrilled about leftover Halloween candy. 

1) Photo: Playing The Game of Life!
2) Pretzels and hummus
3) Brian didn't have tennis tonight so he joined my LS and me for a round of Life. LS won and she took the non-college route!
4) I am grateful my LS loves when Brian can hang out with us.


1) Photo: Zuzu and her surprise treat from Grandma Heidi.
2) Garlic shrimp and veggie pasta for dinner.
3) Some progress was made on the office walls this evening!  Unfortunately it doesn't look the greatest and might need a second (really fourth) coat of paint.
4) I am grateful for not being completely lazy today.


1) Photo: One of the best pomegranates of the season (so far)!
2) See above.
3) Another week of work in the books. Also we caught up on Survivor finally! Super productive.
4) I love Friday nights!!!

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