June 18, 2016

Happiness Diary #22

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy

Saturday (6/11/16)

1) Photo by LS
2) Out of all the pool snacks I probably enjoyed the baked Cheetos the most. 
3) Today I picked up LS and went to the library to pick up a few books (we got distracted by the puzzle and coloring pages on the way out) and then headed to my house to swim in the pool. I was going to go shopping after dropping her off but she told me she loves shopping so I brought her to Costco and she had fun and was a huge help!
4) I am happy I didn't have to shop solo today. :)


1) Photo: Me, Gretchen and Brian at the GR triathlon. 
2) Chicken tacos!
3) This morning Brian and I woke up early to take Gretchen to the triathlon. It was fun to see all of the athletes at the transitions and the finish line and Gretchen did awesome.  Afterward I went for a run/walk and took Zuzu to the dog park before leaving for Hudsonville for Brian's cousin's baby shower. It was perfect weather for everything! 
4) I don't always get excited about busy weekends but I appreciate them because if I never had anything to do, my life would be boring and empty. Or maybe it would be amazing.  No, it would be depressing because I would be lazy and eat too much.  Or maybe I would food prep and my house would be painted and I would write a blog post every day.  Eh, probably not.  Here's to busy weekends!


1) Photo: We have some flowers around our pool thanks to my in-laws! Loving it. Note to self, I need to glue that broken fence piece back on.
2) I made some garlic spinach and added it to some canned soup. Yum-ish.  
3) I had my first day back at the main lab after eleven days away. I was definitely NOT looking forward to it but I was glad it was a pretty mellow day. 
4) I am grateful for having a job. Repeat as many times as necessary. 



1) Photo: I finally finished covering the counters in the basement. They aren't going to be very durable but this area never gets used it's really just for looks anyway. Now it's time to paint the walls!
2) It's becoming a habit for me to eat fireballs while working on home projects. Along with listening to good music or an audiobook they make for a very enjoyable experience.  
3) I took Zuzu on a nice 30 minute walk and then she stayed out of trouble while I worked out. Unlike yesterday. 
4) I am grateful for all the help we get from Brian's parents! Today Brian's dad came over to help finish the stones by the pool. So appreciated!



1) Photo by LS
2) Someone at work made a rhubarb cake and it was SO good. 
3) I picked up LS right after work today to go to Chuck E Cheese (obviously) and had delicious pizza and watched her win lots of tickets. I even had enough energy afterward to do an hour and a half of painting. :)
4) I am happy my LS becoming less reserved and more talkative and always seems to have fun when we are together. 


1) Photo: Laney at her dance recital. 
2) NA
3) It feels like Laney's last recital was just a few months ago! This is her fourth year of dance and my third year going to her recitals (I missed her very first one, I think I was working).  It's fun to see her improve every year and she killed the hip hop dance tonight!
4) I am grateful for making it to our (middle of the row) seats before the recital started even though we were ten minutes late (we went to the wrong school).


1) Photo: Zuzu's new best friend at the dog park.
2) It was a coworker's last day of work (the one who recently won $1,000,000 dollars) and we had delicious raspberry cake to say good bye.  :)
3) I did yoga today after a barre workout yesterday and it was just what I needed. If all I did was running, barre and yoga I think my body would love me.
4) I'm grateful my sister is out of the hospital and am hoping she takes better care of herself from now on.  Though it's doubtful. *eye-roll*


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