June 4, 2016

Happiness Diary #20

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (5/28/16)


1) Photo: Brian's cousin's daughter got married today in this beautiful orchard. (The picture makes it look much cloudier than it was.)
2) The caramel apple pie at the wedding was really good and a fun change from wedding cake.
3) This morning Brian went to play golf with Mike while Sara and I went on a hike/walk which was mostly nice (the hike part was a little rustic for my liking).  Brian and I left around 11:30 for the wedding which was beautiful and it was great hanging out with Brian's family and talking to relatives we haven't seen in a while. It was also good to go back home and pick up Zuzu from her first night away from us. Gary even gave her a bath and she came home so tired and clean.  :)
4) When Brian and I forgot to lock our doors on the deck and when we got home we found the slider and screen door open a foot! I am very grateful nothing was taken and no bugs/animals got in our house. We are thinking the little boy who lives next door probably opened it because the gate was askew and he likes to stop by every once in a while. Whoops.


1) Photo: Another family day at the DP! No good dogs here tonight though. :(
2) NA
3) I went for a sweaty run today and then did some weeding. It's always nice to have one weekend day at home with no real plans.
4) I am grateful for working out even when I don't feel like it! (Which is like 95% of the time recently. What is my deal?)


1) Photo: Brian and I took off the pool cover and underneath was stinky green water. Ew.
2) NA
3) I had a lovely holiday work day and came home and had a lovely lazy evening. 
4) Zuzu still has a hangover from being away Friday night and though she has been sick a few times today I'm very thankful no diarrhea!  


1) Photo: I haven't made dinner in a loong time so I decided to make this garlic shrimp and spinach dish I found online and served it with some real pasta (I'm so over vegetable pasta, give me the real stuff!) 
2) See above
3) The pool people came to open our pool and Brian's dad came over and helped clean off the pool cover while I scrubbed and wiped down the plastic pool chairs. It was a productive day!
4) One more day of work and I'm done with that place for eleven days!



1) Photo: Zuzu with the granola chew she likes to eat like corn on the cob. Sometimes she is so cute I just want to kiss her furry little face off. Also there is way too much beige going on in this photo. Also we need new carpet stat.
2) Brian got me a Qdoba burrito yesterday and I had peices of it with every meal (including breakfast). Sounds unappealing but it was pretty fantastic.
3) Brian and I had a nice walk and talk today. Sometimes it's hard to feel connected when life gets so busy so we are trying to come up with ways to spend more QT together. A few things we are going to try: no yard work after 6pm, limited phone time after work and implementing date nights again (They are always fun but for some reason we can never stick to a schedule.  We are going to really try this time maybe!)
4) I am grateful for rarely experiencing allergies. Poor Brian.



1) Photo: Photo by LS
2) Gushers!!!!!! There was a sale online and I might have bought six boxes. 
3) I walked Zuzu and dropped and cracked my phone when she tugged on the leash. Most of the cracks are near the bottom of the screen so I suppose it could be worse! A better part of my day was my weekly get together with LS. Today we headed to a new park to play on the playground and also play some tennis. It was pretty fun and next time we play tennis we will have to bring Brian along!
4) I am grateful my phone is still working and I hopefully learned my lesson to keep my whole phone case on and be more careful around Zuzu. :P


1) Photo: Our pool now! It's still very cloudy but Brian has been doing a lot of research and has been adding more and more tools to his "pool kit".  His most recent discovery is Pool Floc which is supposed to clump up the tiny particles in the pool so you are able to vacuum them out. We shall see.
2) NA
3) Brian and I went to Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park today! More on this later.
4) I am grateful for new experiences and trying new things.


Zuzu photo image_zpsfbjwv1od.gif
Look! I figured out how to make a gif!

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