October 10, 2015


I'm Faith and I'm so happy to have you here!

I want to let you know where my mind was when creating this blog. I was originally going to name it "Filthy Healthy Faith' and have you all come along on my journey to health and wellness, but I realized this would limit what I want to share with the world and make this blog too one dimensional for my taste. So I altered the name a bit to describe what this blog is really going to be about: my journey to being filthy happy. This will of course encompass topics like fitness and healthy living but will also touch on other areas of my life, like what I'm going through currently or my opinion on certain topics or experiences that are important to me or bring me happiness.

"Filthy Happy" to me means having an overabundance of joy, positive energy, and contentment in life. It's something I will continue to work on and strive for my entire life and this blog is going to be my creative outlet and a way to bring more happiness, satisfaction and accountability into my life. I want this blog to be honest and personal and also fun at times and not too serious. I am far from perfect and perfection is never going to be something I am trying to achieve, but continuing to grow as a human being and getting the most out of life is, in my opinion, a very respectable mission.


Full disclosure: I can get easily overwhelmed when I take on a project such as this, so if I feel any inkling of anxiety or pressure to work on this blog I am going to immediately stop until I can find pleasure in working on it again. I know growth isn't possible if you don't put yourself out there and push through challenging times but just trust me when I say you don't want me walking around with no sleep, cystic acne and stomach problems. I'm creating this blog for the world but also for me and if it's not serving me than I cannot serve the world. Also this website is a work in progress so please excuse the mess, I just really wanted to start writing!

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