October 23, 2015

Love Bit #1 October!

Love bits are mini posts about random things I love at the moment. A love bit might be something I am grateful for or something exciting or new or edible or cool, just something that brings a bit of joy or amusement to my life. A lot of people post about their favorite things on a weekly or monthly basis but I'm not going to hold myself to any set schedule, I'd rather feel free to post whenever the sharing urge strikes. 

My love bit of the moment is October! October is one of my favorite months because I love when the leaves start changing color and the temperatures get a little cooler. I look forward to going on fall walks and runs every year and this year I've had more excuses than ever to get outside and burn some energy with our puppy Zuzu.  Walks in the park with the 50 foot leash are our favorite and when the scenery is beautiful it's even more enjoyable. I get such a feeling of awe when sunlight causes the leaves of a tree to appear as if they are glowing.  It's the same feeling I get when I see a beautiful sunset or a massive fireworks display, it's captivating and I feel like I could stare for hours!


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