October 28, 2015

Love Bit #2 Wella Bars!

Wella Bars are my latest Costco discovery.  I love finding new foods to try and I love the convenience of bars so I decided to pick these up the last time I was browsing the refrigerated section at Costco.  I've been wanting to find something to replace my Quest Bar addiction since Quest Bars are pretty expensive and I've been eating them so often they aren't as special as they used to be. Wella Bars are organic and made primarily of peanut butter or almond butter. They are creamy with slightly crunchy bits and taste like nut butter that has been sweetened and concentrated into a bar form. There are three different varieties in each box and I think my favorite are the Powerful Peanut bars, but I really enjoy them all.  While the bars aren't super cheap (I believe a box is around $17) they are cheaper than Quest Bars and I don't have to buy them online which is nice.  Wella Bars are delicious and different and they are my new favorite thing to eat during my early morning commute into work.

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