October 26, 2015

Health Diary Week Two

My second week of my health journey went pretty well. I feel like I'm doing a little better with remembering my goals and I had a few days of feeling really happy and positive which is always a nice change from PMS week.  I find when I slip up the happy days can be hard to come.  Just one more thing remember when reaching for the candy bowl for the fourteenth time. 

Day eight (10/19/15)
Movement: Another rest day
Food: Unsatisfied
G tea: Yes
Meditation: No
Notes: I had to work two hours overtime today so I just felt like I needed to chill with my family. Looking back I think I would have felt much better had I meditated and worked out. :/

Day nine
Movement: Nope
Food: Nope
G tea: Nope
Meditation: Nope
Notes: Also forgot to make tea for tomorrow. Moving on!

Day ten
Movement: Leg day
Food: Satisfied
G tea: No, see yesterday.
Meditation: Yes and I love it, why don't I do this every day???
Notes: Feeling much happier tonight than yesterday, that's for sure! 

Day 11
Movement: Walk in park with Zuzu and 10 min arms
Food: Not terrible
G tea: Yes
Meditation: Yes
Notes: Wish I would have gotten in an actual workout but it is ok because I will smash tomorrow's!

Day 12
Movement: 2.75 mile run and extra legs
Food: Satisfied
G tea: Yes
Meditation: Yes
Notes: Feeling pretty good going into the weekend and hope to keep the momentum going. Weekends are the most challenging for me in terms of diet so I am going to stay mindful, set my intentions for the day and stick to them!

Day 13
Movement: 60 minutes of moderate intensity yoga
Food : Satisfied
G tea: Yes
Meditation: Yes
Notes: Very productive day and  I'm very happy with my food choices for this Saturday off of work!

Day 14
Movement: Kickboxing and abs and walk
Food: Could be better, too much Halloween candy! Opened the bag too early!
G tea: Yes
Meditation: No
Notes: I will never give up candy but I need to remember portion control is key.  Especially when lunch was sugary Chinese food I should have shown a little more restraint when it came to the candy bowl!

Every post needs a photo!  This one was taken 9/29/15 at one of the many parks near our neighborhood. 


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