October 19, 2015

Health Diary Week One

This was my first week tracking my level of satisfaction with what I ate each day.  It's the first small change I am making towards improving my health and wellness.

Day one (Monday, Oct 12, 2015)
Movement: 4.3 mile run/walk (mostly walk)
Food: Satisfied!
G tea (green tea): Yes!
Meditation: Yes!
Notes: Had a normal breakfast and lunch at work and for dinner ate a bunch of munchie randoms-not exactly healthy but I didn't over eat so it is a win for day one!

Day two (10/13)
Movement: Rest day
Food: Not very satisfied
G tea: Yes!
Meditation: No :(
Notes: My dinner was basically Costco samples and half a wheel of Brie. Probably not the most nutritious. Went to bed trying not to hate myself.

Day three (10/14)
Movement: Easy 45 minute yoga and 15 minute walk.
Food: Satisfied.
G tea: Yes.
Meditation: Yes.
Notes: So grateful for a new day and a new opportunity to try again. I need to remind myself to think about how I feel when I make good choices as opposed to poor ones. 

Day four (10/15)
Movement: 40 minute leg video
Food: :(
G tea: Yes
Meditation: :(
Notes: I had the day off work and when I don't have a set schedule I get bored and eat.

Day five (10/16)
Movement: Arm and abs
Food: Decently satisfied
G tea: Forgot to prepare it yesterday :(
Meditation: Yes
Notes: Once again trying to get back on track.

Day six (10/17)
Movement: Legs
Food: Satisfied
G tea: Yes!
Meditation: Yes!
Notes: Had a terrible night of sleep but still managed to stay motivated and mindful.

Day seven (10/18/15)
Movement: 30 minute walk
G tea: Yes
Meditation: Yes
Food: Pretty satisfied?

Notes: It's the end of the first week and I'm trying not to feel good or bad about the week and just let it be as it is. I will continue to document these for the next few weeks, maybe up to four weeks total and then I will show my progress or lack thereof. Tracking these things wasn't very difficult and it helped me to remember to at least drink my green tea and meditate which I have actually been really enjoying.

Until next time!


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