January 22, 2017

Happiness Diary #52

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (1/7/17)

1) Photo: My teammate Laney "Mission Impossible-ing" it to make our play for our tumple! game. 
2) Black olives with my taco salad
3) I loved today! It started with my first Community Barn Time at The Barn for Equine Learning which Brian graciously tagged along on. We got started by mucking the stalls and replacing water buckets and then we got to brush and groom a couple of horses. Afterwards I got in a good kickboxing DVD and brought Zuzu to the dog park and then John and the Walshes came over for taco and game night. 
4) I am grateful for horsey time and really excited to start riding again. 

1) Photo: Horses from yesterday
2) Apple?
3) I organized some cabinets and a closet today. Not to shabby. 
4) I am grateful I didn't over eat!! On a Sunday!! That I have off!!


1) Photo: Running awkwardly while trying to take a steady picture. 
2) NA 
3) Had a short meet up with Adrienne while the dogs played in the rain and then went to my class. I love how my instructor makes some days physically hard and another days mentally hard. Today was a mentally hard day learning a new combo. I wasn't the worst one this time but it was still hard! I love it though. 
4) I am grateful I am using my brain in new challenging ways. 


1) Photo: I forgot to take a picture today so enjoy this cute photo of Laney and Zuzu at Christmas!
2) NA
3) I kinda tweaked back again while running so I wouldn't be late to work and get half a point on my record. Points are EXTREMELY BAD and you want to avoid at all costs even if it means injuring yourself or others. (Only 1/4 joking.) So after work I did a slow leg workout and did lots of rehab and stretching etc. and it feels slightly better now?
4) I'm grateful I have a job. 


1) Photo: I'm sad I forgot to take a photo of the doggy walk! Here is a photo of me in Brian's office after along day of work lying on the floor because there is no furniture to rest upon. The step ladder doesn't count. 
2) Belvitas
3) Work was 'eh' but afterward met up with Adrienne and we took the pups out for a little walk and then I had a challenging speed session in class. 
4) I am grateful for a day off tomorrow. 


1) Photo: Slime ingredients 
2) Kiwi
3) The worst thing about today: Zuzu eating half a skunk tail on our walk with Tessa. The best thing about today: making slime with my Little Sister. Much better than a college basketball game. 
4) I grateful for not having to drive to Allendale tonight!


1) Photo: Sometimes I just need the candy box. 
2) Thai take out 
3) My back has been hurting all day and I've made the decision to not work out for three whole days!!!  I should probably rest it for a longer time but I really want to make it to class on Monday.  It's SO hard to not be able to do the workouts (and/or dancing around my house) I wish I could do because of my back. 😥  Don't ever take for granted your health and wellness!!! 
4) I'm grateful 3:30 always comes around no matter what. 


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