November 20, 2016

Happiness Diary #43

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (11/12/16)

1) Photo: Me and the kids. A few days after this photo was taken someone posted this on Facebook which I thought was quite appropriate:

2) Mike's chili and Sara's peanut butter parfait
3) Brian and I spent Saturday night at Mike and Sara's house and we had fun playing games and watching sports.  Sara and I took the dogs to the dog park and Zuzu absolutely loved it.  I wish we had something like that around our neck of the woods.  Well I guess there kind of is, but one is just a fenced in field and the other is a million dollars a year to be a member.  Oh well.
4) I am grateful for Zuzu not getting attacked at the dog park. (She has to greet and play with every single dog no matter how big and ornery one might be.)


1) Photo: I forgot to take a photo of all the yard waste bags we filled today so here is my dirty sock lover Zuzu. 
2) Deep dish pepperoni pizza. And pumpkin rolls from Sugar Momma's.
3) Brian and I spent all day raking and bagging leaves and mowing (B) so we sort of deserved such rich food (See #2).  We also met our new neighbor John.  He and his wife are a young couple who moved in a couple of weeks ago.  I would love to have neighbors who are close friends but it's definitely a little awkward at first.  Hopefully we can get past that and make a better effort to get to know these peeps.

4) I am happy about our good looking lawn. 


1) Photo: Mail goodies! Tarte had a great deal I couldn't pass up and I almost needed new makeup so...
2) Gaucho salad (I wonder how many days in a row I could eat one of these before getting tired of them.)
3) Today was a typical Monday and I had no energy so I skipped my workout and just took Zuzu on a short walk with Brian.
4) I am grateful for feeling safe and secure. 


1) Photo: Keeping the pup occupied while doing yoga is not always easy. 
2) Chicken noodle soup
3) Having an organized house and clean laundry always makes me feel like I have my life together so that is what I did today.  Also I had a lovely yoga session despite Zuzu chewing on the radiator and outlets.
4) I'm grateful for my yoga music.


1) Photo: LS and I at the movies
2) Qdoba burrito bowl
3) I promised my LS that we would go see Finding Dory when it came to Woodland since that theater is so conveniently located for us (and budget friendly).  It was a very cute movie and when *SPOILER ALERT* (haha) Dory finds her parents, LS whispered to me "This is a good movie!".
4) I am grateful I didn't get into a car accident in the dense fog this morning.


1) Photo: Holiday lunch at work.  
2) Pomey
3) I went for a run with half marathoner Beth after work today and though I'm not in great running shape and it was faster than I'm used to, I'm glad we took advantage of the warm weather and worked off that prime rib!
4) I'm grateful for my working limbs.  


1) Photo: My amazing breakfast this morning. I could have made flap jacks to make it even better.
2) Spaghetti squash pizza bake I made today. Brian even ate some!
3) I took Zuzu on an early morning walk because it was still so nice outside and then got my workout out of the way so I could enjoy the rest of my day off.
4) I am grateful for the opportunity to buy Heidi's car. It will be so much better in the snow than the Buick and much more reliable I'm sure.

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