November 12, 2016

Happiness Diary #42

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (11/5/16)

1) Photo: Fall run with Brian
2) Gaucho salad once again
3) I very much enjoyed our slow run this morning and the rest of the day was lovely.  We have a lot of yard work to do this weekend but Brian's parents came over yesterday to rake and that was a huge help. Happy birthday to my sister Britt!
4) I'm grateful for perfect warm fall weather this weekend.

1) Photo: Catching up at Twisted Rooster
2) My mac and cheese side. (The fish tacos were so-so.)
3) I had a fun girls day today. After our meal we all headed to the movies to see Doctor Strange. Its been a while since I've been to the movies and I forgot how much I love it, I need to go more often!
4) I am grateful we were able to get together today! It's so important to make time for friends.


1) Photo: Free samples in the mail!
2) Pomeys
3) I made it through the day. The end.
4) I am grateful for always having a wonderful place and people (including Z) to come home to. 

1) Photo: Brian: "The hardest part about voting is deciding which cookie I want."
2) Molasses cookie
3) After work Brian and I headed to the nearby church to vote and then went to pick up some fun food from Aldi ($0.79 pomegranates!) and Costco. When we got back we walked Zuzu and made food and were excited to sit down and watch the election updates.
4) I'm grateful I went to bed early and didn't hear the results or I probably would have had nightmares.



1) Photo: Making homemade play dough
2) Pomey
3) Today was another LS day. We went to the store to buy supplies and then came to the house to make our play dough with hair conditioner, corn starch and food coloring.  We made quite a mess but it was fun!
4) I am grateful I have a LS to help take my mind off the state of the world.


1) Photo: Great pack at the dog park
2) Garlic spinach
3) I did not feel like working out but I did a short run around the block and that is better than nothing!
4) I am grateful I have a moderately large husband who can block wind because I forgot my coat when we went to the park and it was quite chilly and I had to huddle awkwardly close to him so I didn't freeze to death and it kind of helped.


1) Photo: Zuzu's new furcut. They cut her eyelashes again. 😢

2) Pomey
3) I was tired again today but I killed my workout, kickboxing, a short run and extra arms. Time to get back on track!
4) I am grateful for freedom to do what I please.

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