August 27, 2016

Happiness Diary #32

Every day I share:

1) A random photo of the day
2) Something I ate that was delicious
3) A meaningful event that happened or a task I was happy to accomplish
4) Something I was grateful for or that made me happy. 

Saturday (8/20/16)


1) Photo: Brian's birthday corner just waiting for him to get home. 
2) My dinner of dried mangoes and popcorn 
3) Today consisted of doing some cleaning and other chores around the house, attempting to vlog, and going to sleep at 7:45. I've had worse Saturdays! 
4) I'm grateful for Brian! If he hadn't been born today 35 years ago today, my life would be much different and most likely worse.



1) Photo: Brian's sectional champion award! He's going to California in October!
2) Chocolate chip cookies
3) I wasn't really looking forward to a weekend alone but I made the most of my time and I didn't get in a lazy funk, which I sometimes do, where I stay in bed watching mindless shows and eating bon-bons (or something) all day.  Instead I tried to stay somewhat busy and even made cookies for Brian's birthday.  
4) I'm grateful Brian made it home safe (and happy!) tonight. 


1) Photo: Driving to the DP
2) NA
3) The first half of my day I was in the worst mood ever but things eventually got better and now I'm going to bed relatively happy.  So that's something!
4) I am grateful to be married to someone so understanding.


1) Photo by LS
2) NA
3) I took my LS to the park today and we let Zuzu run around with the big dogs for a while before heading to the new playground equipment which was recently installed. It was a beautiful day and LS loved swinging in the disc swing.  
4) I am grateful for random friendly people.



1) Photo: About to kill some sushi!
2) See above
3) Brian and I went out for dinner after work and on our way home Brian accidentally went the wrong way on the highway (so I basically had to drive to work twice) but we decided to grab some fro-yo at Peachwave which made the extra miles somewhat worth it AND: (see #4)
4) I'm happy I got to work my patience muscle today. I will need it to be VERY strong for traveling/vacation. 



1) Photo: Brian had A meeting all day so he took Zuzu to daycare. They sent this picture to me with the caption "Zuzu loved playing with Travis today!". :)
2) Andes mint from work?
3) I didn't do anything remarkable today but to be honest I'm writing this #3 on Saturday and I just can't remember what I did two days ago.
4) I am grateful the rain stopped by the time I got to work this morning!



1) Photo: Walking in the woods with Remi, Henri and Tessa.
2) Salad from Bliss and Vinegar. So delish.
3) Today was my day off for the weekend and the only plans I had were meeting Tessa and the boys for a hike which ended up taking up a nice chunk of the afternoon so that was good.  Also Brian and I watched the movie "Keanu" and I did not hate it one bit. 
4) I'm grateful for Zuzu's new shorter leash which made today's walk a little more manageable.


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