December 11, 2015


I'm back!! I have no excuses for my absence on the blog, just haven't been feeling it lately. Inspiration comes in phases for me and it's hard to feel inspired when I'm not loving life. I've been having some stressful days at work and also missed a couple weeks of my health diaries. I was so motivated when I first started to try to lose some weight but then I had a mini vacation and it threw me off track. I need to learn to remember my goals even when my routine isn't normal and things feel off. Being ok with messing up is a huge part of moving forward and staying positive. I haven't been eating the best and haven't been doing a lot of intense BBG workouts but hey, it's life. I'm not going to beat myself up over mistakes but learn from them instead. From this recent experience I've found I'm not happy dreading workouts and I feel like crap when I eat too much sugar. Now hopefully I can take what I've learned and put it into practice, ie. change the way I think about working out and don’t eat so much sugar!!!  Health and work things aside I have been pretty good.

Things I've been doing lately:

Getting ready for Christmas. We got our tree on Sunday but it still needs more decorations. Brian and I got too into watching Christmas movies while eating pizza Sunday night and left the decorations untouched. We managed to get the lights and a few ornaments on during the week but it still looks pretty sad, especially because Zuzu bit through one of the light strings and now only half of the tree lights up. 

Our tree without any ornaments yet. It's smaller this year,
somehow I thought it would be easier with a chewy puppy.
Not so much.

Finishing up my class.  I submitted the final for my first (graduate level) molecular genetics class a couple days ago and now am just waiting for my grade.  I'm hoping I received a passing score (99.9% certain I passed) so I can submit it to work to get my reimbursement, hopeully before having to pay for next semesters class.

Surviving work.  My work morale was at an all time low last week (along with many of my coworkers) but I'm just trying to be thankful I have a job and be happy each day that I'm a little bit closer to retirement!

A few random work tools

Loving the new dog park. Brian and I try to take Zuzu at least once a week. I don't know why seeing her run around off the leash makes me so happy but it does! We walk her around a path on a leash for about 20 minutes so she's not super hyper once she gets in the dog park and she's been doing really well. It seems like Zuzu is becoming more "polite" and not mauling every dog she sees, in fact there are dogs who are much more pushy and playful than she is! Zuzu will try to play with and jump on every single dog at the park but will also submit to any dog at the drop of a button (or sniff of the nose). It's so nice that we don't have to ever worry about her getting agressive or starting any doggy drama.

Exploring the dog park for the first time.
No doggy friends yet.

I have definitely been missing writing in my blog, I've forgotten how fun it can be. Hopefully I will get a few more posts published before my next stress induced haitus! JK I hope!

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